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Colorado Truck Repair takes pride in being your one stop shop when it comes to your truck repair needs. This is just an example of the services we can do for you.

ABS- diag and repair

Air systems- diag and repair

A/C- diag and repair

Brake systems- Air and hydraulic

Clutches- adjustments, repair, and replacement

Cooling system and radiator- diag, repair, and replacement

Differential- repair and replacement

Driveline- repair and rebuild

DOT Inspections

Electronic- Diag and repair

Engine- Major/ Minor- diag, repair, and rebuild

Fifth wheel- diag, repair, and rebuild

HVAC- diag and repair

Hydraulic systems- diag, repair, and rebuild the entire system- hoses, cylinder, valve, pump, and PTO rebuilds.

Liftgate- diag, repair, and rebuild

On-site service- inspection and repairs

Parts- always striving to keep parts available to keep you on the road

PTO- New install or rebuild

Roofing conveyor- diag, repair, and rebuild

Services- tailored to your specific needs- from lube, oil, and filter to full service with bumper to bumper inspection or your own service requirements. Let us help maintain your fleet as worry free as possible.

Suspension- diag, repair, and rebuild

Trailer repair

Transmissions- Automatic and Manual- diag, repair, rebuild, and replace

Wheel end- seals, bearings, etc- diag, repair, and rebuild

Welding and Fabrication- All matter of custom projects for your truck and trailer

And much, much more